The government creates a paper trail of public documents to record all significant events in an individual’s life. Those events include marriages, arrests, medical treatments, home purchases, court appearances and rulings, etc., and can contain crucial information necessary to the investigation of a business or individual. If it’s on record, we will find it.

  • Town hall searches
  • Police report searches
  • Driving records
  • Credit reports
  • Prison records
  • Criminal and civil history searches
  • Marriage records
  • Hospital records
  • Name change searches

Don’t bother using a free online search- those are not trustworthy and don’t always hold up in court, the records are often outdated or inaccurate, and you will pay big bucks for a service even if its free they usually have hidden fees.

“The court docs you pulled were instrumental in the claim denial… our defense counsel loved the research!!”
P&C Litigation Adjuster