Return on Investment
Return On Investment

Nobody wants to pay $10,000 to save $5,000. It is Capinvad Investigating’s mission to provide you the best and most current information allowing you to negotiate and adjust your claim with confidence while getting the best bang for your buck. Capinvad Investigating’s metrics show that for every $1 spent, you save over $3! You can’t afford to NOT be using Capinvad Investigating!


To have industry leading Return on Investment, Mitigating Information, Reopen Rates, Positive Findings you have to have metrics and ways to confirm results. Some of our clients are very astute about metrics and grading their vendors to reward the best ones and weed out the less than impressive ones. We can provide customized monthly, quarterly or annual metrics that allow you to track your vendors and not just use anecdotal information or saying, “I haven’t heard anything bad, so you must be doing OK.” We are constantly in the top 10% of any vendor list who tracks their vendor panel… we compete and win against the national companies as well as the 1-2 man local shows. Capinvad Investigating has national type management, credentials with the flexibility and local knowledge to that allows our clients the best of both worlds.

Investigative Specialist

The trademark of Capinvad’s success and superior service starts with its dedicated people. Our Investigative specialists are highly trained, educated and continuously evaluated through every stage of their development. Our company philosophy is centered on training and focused on measuring investigative intelligence, metrics and integrity. This mindset insures Capivad Investigating will continue to deliver the best service and results to its clients for year to come. Many of our Investigative Specialists advance into top management positions within the company, which is highly motivating for our field staff.


Capinvad Investigating prides itself on providing all clients with our best service and COMMUNICATION, regardless of whether they are a Fortune 500 company, TPA, defense counsel or smaller employer. Our passion for what we do, allows us to go the extra mile and focus on details, problem solving and innovating every step of the way and most importantly, communicating with our clients before, during and after an investigation. Knowing our clients and their communication needs is essential in getting the communication piece right so our clients are always in the know.

Database Research

Capinvad Investigating sets the industry standard with database research, providing intense nationwide database searches and providing our clients with the best mitigating information to help speed the decision-making process.  Our background and database department is experienced, talented and yields a detailed investigative report that is arguably the most cost-effective search in the industry.

A properly conducted background investigation in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act can provide our clients with unique and costs effective information to be used in the defense of a questionable claim, gathering information and establishing background information of a witness are amongst some of the many uses.

Background Investigations may include any of the following a la carte components:

  • SmartStart Investigation
  • Medical Checks
  • Person Locate
  • Criminal Records
  • Asset Analysis & Identification
  • Pre-Employment Investigations
  • Complete Motor Vehicle Reporting
  • Subject Profiling
  • Past Employment
  • Individual Hobbies & Activities
  • Professional Licenses
  • Business Interests
  • Judgments, Loans & Liens
SmartStart Investigations

SmartStart is a revolutionary social media investigations product unlike any other that you will see. We combine traditional human e-researchers with the latest computer generated analytics software to create a customized and in-depth report. This isn’t just a simple web and social media search, this is research.

– Utilize more than 100 paid and unpaid platforms

– Directed searches of online documents, like spreadsheets

– Use of URL manipulation to find obscure or hidden social media profiles

– Reverse search engineering to find hidden social media data

– Capture of geolocation data when present

– Find future events and surveillance opportunities

We heard from more than one experienced client that they were getting “everything” when it came to online research, but when we compared the information they were actually getting it was of minimal value and significant data was being lost. Additionally, these reports may not pass the Federal Rules of Evidence, making it more difficult to admit them later in litigation. The added benefit of SmartStart is that all reports are:

– Authenticated using a document’s hash value (digital fingerprint)

– Conforms with Federal Rules of Evidence 902(14)

– Available ‘certificate of authenticity’ for court filings

– 90 Day monitoring for new information at no extra cost

Why SmartStart:

A Powerful online and social media research product
Analyzes content from a variety of online sources
Gather actionable intelligence and be proactive, not reactive.
Streamline your processes, share results across internal teams, collaborate for better file management

Great Video Percentage

Capinvad’s video percentage is annually one of the highest in the industry and we continue to improve of these metrics. Through our Capinvad College, comprehensive investigator training both in the classroom and in the field, our experienced investigators improve the odds of successful surveillance.

Positive Findings

Nearly 50 % of our investigations are deemed to have had Positive Findings! We deem an investigation to have positive finding if we find the claimant acting outside his noted restrictions. So, about 50% of the time, we are finding mitigating information that allows the Adjuster to better and quicker adjust and make decisions on their claims.

Reopen Rates

Because of our innovative, detailed investigations which provide Positive Findings, about 40% of our cases get reopened for additional investigation to provide further documentation of claimant activities, collect information or corroborate findings so that they can be used in negotiations, adjusting, hearings or in court.

Mitigating Information

We have all heard the saying that “Information is King!” Well, Mitigating Information to a claims adjuster is definitely King and can be the difference in paying what is owed and what the claimant or plaintiff attorney wants you to think is owed!  The need for up to date information and ability to effectively negotiate with this updated information will save you time, money and allow you the peace of mind to negotiate with confidence.