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SmartStart Desktop Investigation is a revolutionary social media investigations product unlike any other that you will see. We combine traditional human e-researchers with the latest computer-generated analytics software to create a customized and in-depth report. This isn’t just a simple web and social media search, this is research.

– Utilize more than 100 paid and unpaid platforms
– Directed searches of online documents, like spreadsheets
– Use of URL manipulation to find obscure or hidden social media profiles
– Reverse search engineering to find hidden social media data
– Capture of geolocation data when present
– Find future events and surveillance opportunities

We heard from more than one experienced client that they were getting “everything” when it came to online research, but when we compared the information they were actually getting it was of minimal value and significant data was being lost. Additionally, these reports may not pass the Federal Rules of Evidence, making it more difficult to admit them later in litigation. The added benefit of SmartStart is that all reports are:

– Authenticated using a document’s hash value (digital fingerprint)
– Conforms with Federal Rules of Evidence 902(14)
– Available ‘certificate of authenticity’ for court filings
– 90 Day monitoring for new information at no extra cost

Why SmartStart:

A Powerful online and social media research product

Analyzes content from a variety of online sources

Gather actionable intelligence and be proactive, not reactive.

Streamline your processes, share results across internal teams, collaborate for better file management

Download the SmartStart Brochure (PDF)

“Holy smokes, was there anything you didn’t find on this guy?”
WC Adjuster
“I have never seen a more comprehensive report in my entire career than the background and social media reports that your company does. It provides amazing information that helps very much in my day to day. I gotta say I'm super impressed with that!”
Senior WC Adjuster

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