Remember “the old days” of canvassing for witnesses when investigators would knock on 10 doors only to find that eight people weren’t home and two people didn’t see anything? How would you like it if we could reach over 1,000 possible witnesses (often with far better results than ever before) without ever stepping foot near the loss location for less money than it costs to canvas the door-to-door way? We can, with e-canvassing!

e canvassing

Some investigative companies have made strides in recent years utilizing techniques that are modern and dependable. With the rise in popularity of social media over the last decade, investigators would be amiss to overlook the massive networks’ reach and the information that’s available through platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Do not get stuck with investigators who can’t get beyond a Google and Facebook investigation, you deserve more!


Police are utilizing e-witness canvassing, cold case investigators are using these techniques, and now CapInvad is doing it for the insurance industry.

Witness searching through social media is a newer strategy that puts the community in a position to provide helpful information. CapInvad has perfected a process by which thousands of people can and will be exposed to posts in conjunction with the loss. We look for anyone who has information pre and post-loss or any background information that is relevant to the liability investigation or settlement. This process often turns up a number of people who have information that helps decipher what really happened in the loss. These key pieces of information can help determine liability, reduce risk, and help your claims team to better understand the loss and surrounding circumstances.

It’s common for witnesses to leave the scene of an accident. How to track these witnesses down and discuss loss details is usually a problem but CapInvad is one step ahead and often reaches over 1,000 people in the community, reveals leads and determines who is connected to which party in the loss and if there is a bias in their testimony. It’s undisputed: e-witness canvassing provides results!