Insurance investigation companies must ensure that their investigators remain educated on industry practices. Appropriate ethical behavior should always be practiced by claims administrators and their investigators to eliminate the possible liabilities of ethical breaches and fraudulent actions, resulting in problems like additional expenses, legal damages and the destruction of your brand reputation.

Does your insurance investigation vendor provide investigators that embody proper business ethics? Do they receive up-to-date training regularly?

Private investigators perform a range of services that can be quite sensitive and therefore do not have the luxury to make the smallest mistakes in the field. As experienced as an investigator may be, industry practices update and change all the time, so it is imperative that these agents continuously receive the appropriate training and education in their craft if they are to continue to provide successful results – results that are safe from detrimental legal repercussions.

To avoid the dangers of easy mistakes and to protect your return on investment, selecting an expert vendor that you can trust to uphold the highest standards is key.

CapInvad takes continuing education very seriously and provide quarterly best practices meetings and annual Capital College classes that include the following subjects:

– Case Law

– Ethics & Investigative Techniques

– Report Writing

– Ethics & Database Research

– Evidence Chain of Custody

– Public Record Research

– Testifying

At CapInvad, our team of experienced professionals get you results while carefully upholding ethical and legal standards. We take pride in investing in the education of our specialists because they are representing our brand and YOUR brand. That is how we became, and remain, the Northeast’s “Finest in the Field.”

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