“The temptation to form premature theories upon insufficient data is the bane of our profession.” – Sherlock Holmes

Making a claim or investigations decision with half of the information can often be costly!

SmartStart Investigations return you the best and most up to date information on your claimant or subject.  Often providing very valuable mitigating information and ALWAYS enough information to create a concrete plan of action.

The desktop (SmartStart Investigation) process of gathering mitigating information is being revolutionized daily. Staying innovative and current with this fast changing platform is our job and we are very good at it.

While search engine results such as Google only display surface web information which are indexed by keywords, based on payment and popularity, SmartStart Investigations provide a thorough dive into the deep web.

Unfortunately, most investigative companies can’t get themselves past the surface web.  Our trained e-vestigators conduct deep comprehensive searches to reveal any and all related information, making your online investigation a success.

Social media platforms are a huge part of today’s society and it’s fast becoming more and more mainstream to use online resources to investigate insurance claims. With 78% of all U.S. citizens having a Facebook account, a huge percentage of the population is documenting their lives on the internet. Photos, videos, and posts found online cannot be disputed, and once information is on the web, it is nearly impossible to ever eliminate it for good.

In many cases, investigators find mitigating information online that conflicts with the claimant’s testimony, injury restrictions and identifies the kind of lifestyle and daily leisure activities that the claimant is taking part in; therefore, saving insurance companies BIG dollars that otherwise would be lost.

SmartStart Investigations will assist in mitigating hundreds of thousands of dollars by exposing the claimant’s true lifestyle.

If you are in need of a SmartStart Investigation, contact CapInvad today! To learn more, please contact Mike Manni at mmanni@capitalinvestigating.com or 603 505 6008.