Have you ever met that one person who seems to have no personal or situational awareness, or that one person who will say anything in any crowd of people, regardless of who is listening or what impact it might have on the social dynamic?

Lucky for us, in this day and age, all of those people have social media accounts, and most of them haven’t come to understand the benefit of updating their privacy settings.  People put seemingly every aspect of their lives on their social media status updates, and then sit back and wonder how someone found out they were doing this or that.

It never ceases to amaze when an investigator specializing in Social Media Investigations – we call ours SmartStart Investigations – gets a case and within 5 minutes, the investigator can find a photo or video on social media of the subject carrying a family member over his head during a drunken rendition of pro wrestling’s greatest matches.

It is no wonder that every month, more and more articles are written regarding the growing role social media in insurance investigations.  The fact is, people have no sense of awareness or caution as to how they conduct themselves online.  However, as the old saying goes “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

The ethical, detailed and professional e-vestigators at CapInvad understand what you need to assist in your daily handling of claims.  SmartStart Investigations will assist in mitigating hundreds of thousands of dollars by exposing the claimant’s true daily activities. If you are in need of a SmartStart Investigation, contact Capital Investigating today!

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