In 2005 Steve Jobs said, “innovation distinguishes between a LEADER and a FOLLOWER.”

Innovation is defined as “the action or process of innovating”, or “a new method, product, idea.”
… Do something better than anyone else, follow that passion and see it through, that is a true innovator.

CapInvad is always creating new and improving on investigations that we offer to provide our clients with the best mitigating information for their claims. From our experienced staff to our tenured investigators, our team is constantly trying to better themselves and the investigations that we stand behind. Our investigators are being provided the most up to date equipment, database, and OSINT information, online databases that provide useful claimant information, locate and canvass strategies as well as technology that is spearheading the industry to better help our clients settle claims.

Sports Canvasses

CapInvad Investigating, in addition to offering Medical canvasses, is now providing:

  • Gym Canvas
  • Golf Club/Course Canvas
  • Tennis Club Canvas
  • Marina/Dock Canvas
  • Hunting/Fishing License Searches

If your claimant is active or you think they are active and a member of a club, we can help! We will determine if the claimant has a membership to a certain club, course or association. Also, this will help set a concrete plan of action for surveillance allowing for your investigative dollars to be spent effectively and help with a more timely and effective surveillance and investigation.

E-witness Canvasses

Using the power of social media, CapInvad Investigating can reach thousands of potential witnesses and gain specific and delicate loss information. The E-Witness Canvas is new, innovative and exclusively provided by CapInvad Investigating. E-Witness Canvas has proven to be 8x more powerful than old fashioned door to door canvassing. With everyone’s busy schedules, you no longer hope that a witness hangs around and gives their name to a police officer or hope that a police officer collects enough contact information where follow-up is possible.

  • Gain thousands of views from potential witnesses in a specific geographic location
  • FIND witnesses that the “other” side does NOT have
  • Gain pre and post-loss information that allows for a faster liability decision
  • Follow up with witnesses and their relationships to the involved parties

Free SmartStart Follow-Ups

Using Captrak, CapInvad’s case management system, FREE social media updates are given 60-90 days after closing. Capital’s E-Investigators keep clients aware of the social activity and footprint of their claimants for 3 months post-case-closing.

Auto Claims – Household Member Search

A Household Member Search is one of the best dollars for dollar searches as it allows you to find secondary coverage by identifying related parties living at the file provided address.  The Household Member Search is done online and is turned around in 5 days and costs $299.