School Districts go through an arduous process to ensure enrollment into schools within their district are being attended by children that should have the right to attend.

Public schools require several documents to enroll a student in the area you live in. You may be asked to complete an enrollment application to see which district school your child should be enrolled. Some information they look for but may not be limited to are; birth certificate, records of immunizations, proof of residency, proof of guardianship, application, emergency contact forms, former school records, IEP records, and teacher recommendations. Each district spends time, effort and budget dollars enrolling, educating, protecting and feeding your children.

Parents looking to get their children a competitive edge from districts that border better-performing districts in either academic, sports programs, or extra circular activities will fabricate some of the above information and district jump. District jumping enables students living outside of the designated boundaries to attend school in a better school system with better benefits.

District jumping costs districts thousands of dollars over the course of a school calendar year. One way to combat this misuse of funds is to complete residency checks and increased verification of residential status. Certain investigative steps can be taken to verify and combat residence issues. Investigations such as surveillance around morning and afternoon bus stops, social media investigations, neighborhood canvas, and additional verification such as the scheduled time at a residence can assist to combat this problem.

Someone who knowingly provides false information in the sworn statement for the purpose of enrolling a child in a school district for which the child is not eligible is guilty of a summary offense. Violators face paying tuition costs, community service, severe fines and repaying court costs.

When a parent intentionally provides an incorrect address to a public school to meet residency requirements to have their child attend a certain school district, Capinvad Investigating has a proven track record of identifying where the student resides. We provide this investigative service to school districts, so they can take the necessary action. 

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