When it comes to internet mining, how do you create a next-generation team that is analytical, technology-driven, has enough industry knowledge, and has the communication skills to meet client demands? Capinvad Investigating is taking advantage of a newer sector of the workforce: Millennials.

Not only are they the leading users for social media platforms, but they have also been educated with technology, coding, and programming. This untapped group has unlimited potential and has been producing solid, unmatched results. There is no easy button for finding “everything” online, just grit, perseverance, process, and continuing education.

What is a SmartStart?

We worked with Millennials to develop our SmartStart Investigation which is MUCH more than just searching through social media. Our SmartStart includes four hours of research including OSINT, paid database, social media, proprietary social media analytics, deep web research, and much more to create a 50+ page paper profile of the person in question.

Updating outdated processes: Companies who are still only searching social media profiles are only getting less than half of the available information. Capinvad has been at the forefront of social media and background research and we find that the really valuable information is found with more intense and advanced research techniques, such as URL manipulation and through the deep web.

Mentoring: Transitioning knowledge from more experienced employees to those just entering the industry or in mid-career is an important practice. Capinvad’s continuing education platform, Capinvad College, allows employees to gain great knowledge about the industry, including case law, database research, ethics, trespassing and stalking laws, testifying best practices, job shadowing, and more. With Baby Boomers’ retirements upon us, a smooth transition from one generation and team to the next is our goal.

Balancing Digital and Human Connections: I have been in the insurance and investigation industry for over 25 years and like most industries, ours has changed quite a bit, from smoking at your desk, filing paper, and faxes to emails, reverse image searches, and video statements. As much as technology becomes part of the process, it is still crucial to maintain experienced surveillance investigators who can communicate and use their experience and training to solve problems. Another key factor is employing Account Managers and Operation Managers that can use technology to have better insight, but most importantly communicate and network in an effective way.

It is all about the people! Ultimately our investigations online or in the field are being handled by an experienced investigator to provide the best findings and provide mitigating information to assist in better, faster, and smarter claims handling. Our goal is to make the client’s job easier and build client and brand loyalty.