“I don’t want to get on your bad side… you know where to find everything!”

P&C Adjuster

“Thanks for getting this done as a rush assignment and back to me in 4 hours!!”

WC Adjuster

“Detailed, clinical, timely and very helpful.”

WC Adjuster

“This Hospital Check was the most valuable report I received all year.”

Senior Commercial Liability Adjuster/strong>

“The court docs you pulled were instrumental in the claim denial… our defense counsel loved the research!!”

P&C Litigation Adjuster

Your SmartStart Investigations are the best value in the industry. We were able to set a plan of action that was easy to follow after reviewing the investigation. The mitigating information was off the charts and easy to use at hearing.

Disability Claims Supervisor

Thanks for digging in on this one. Summarizing a 75 page report into 4 pages with easy to use headers is exactly what I needed.

Sr Disability Claims Examiner

“Holy smokes, was there anything you didn’t find on this guy?”

WC Adjuster

“The scene investigation was possibly the best I have seen. Photos, measurements, computer generated diagrams, easy to follow diagrams and details and possible subrogation opportunities.”

P&C Adjuster

Thanks for the timely locate and statements, as usual, your investigator jumped on this and was aware of exactly what questions and more importantly, follow up questions and corroborating documents and information to ask for which helped me determine liability ASAP.

Sr Commercial Liability Adjuster

Let your investigator know that I appreciate her getting started the day of the assignment and locating the witness inside of 24 hours in another state.   Also, the statement was detailed, thorough and extremely valuable.

Defense Counsel

Insurance Company became suspicious of the claim and hired Capinvad Investigating, a private investigation company, to periodically watch the claimant. In July of 2008, investigators observed the claimant filling an oil tanker for XXX Oil and proceeding to several homes where he was seen dragging the tanker’s hose to make the deliveries. In April of 2009, The Workers’ Compensation Fraud Bureau opened an investigation into the claim. He was arrested on Dec. 7
The Chief State’s Attorney’s Office

The scene investigation was possibly the best I have seen. Photos, measurements, computer generated diagrams, easy to follow diagrams and details and possible subrogation opportunities

Claims Supervisor

Success Stories

Thruway Worker Charged with Fraud after Installing Pools

Installing swimming pools over the summer got a Thruway worker on disability in hot water.

The State Inspector General said the individual is charged with defrauding the Workers’ Compensation system by collecting more than $5,000 in insurance benefits.

The individual had been receiving Workers’ Compensation benefits since allegedly suffering a debilitating injury in May while moving a Thruway guardrail, Scott said. But from June through August, he was seen installing and servicing swimming pools while claiming a disability made him unable to return to work at the Thruway, the IG alleged. During that time he collected $491.68 a week in benefits.

The individual was arraigned in Cambria Town Court on three felonies: third-degree grand larceny, first-degree offering a false instrument for filing and fraudulent practices. He is to return for another appearance Feb. 6.

The Buffalo News

Aroostook County Man Guilty of Workers’ Comp Fraud

An Aroostook County trial jury today convicted an individual of theft of more than $10,000 in workers’ compensation benefits.

The individual received over $45,000 in benefits from the Maine Employers Mutual Insurance Company (MEMIC) from July 2009 through February 2012 by claiming that he could not work due to an injury to his hand sustained in 2006 while working at Brewer’s Service Station in Mars Hill. In fact, in January, 2009, he opened his own small engine repair business, Littleton Service, in Littleton, Maine. The Evidence showed that he was performing many physical tasks in connection with his business that were inconsistent with his testimony before the Workers’ Compensation Board.

The State Attorney General commented, “My Office will continue to work with other state agencies to pursue those who would cheat and steal, no matter who or where they are or what they do for work. In these difficult times, all Mainers must pay their fair share.”

Class B theft is punishable by up to 10 years in jail and a fine of $20,000. The case has been continued for sentencing at a future date. An Assistant Attorney General prosecuted the case against the individual for the Attorney General’s Office.

Bangor Daily News

$400,000 Saved!

Capinvad Investigating saved over $400,000 dollars in medical claims over disability for company!

“I was just looking over the multiple days and hours put into this claim and wanted to let you know that whoever the investigator is, he has done an awesome job. This is potentially damaging claim with exposure of over $500K in which we are able to settle for $100K and all of the video obtained of the claimant’s inconsistency with his disability was used in settlement negations.”