Surveillance Investigators are strategically located throughout the Northeast and Southeast. Capinvad Investigating’s investigators are employees and are proven career investigators with an average of thirteen years field experience. All investigators have attended our Capinvad College where they learn about case law, investigative techniques, report writing, database research, evidence chain of custody, public record research, ethics and testifying in court. Through case studies with clients, we have continually provided over 300% return on your investment while setting industry standards in management reporting including positive findings of 55%, video percentage of over 70% and a reopen percentage of 40%.

Innovative Unmanned Surveillance Technology

Capinvad has invested a substantial amount of time and resources into our unmanned surveillance technology program. These efforts have resulted in pioneering the latest and most effective technology necessary for achieving maximum impact and return on investment with unmanned surveillance.

The Most Effective Method of Surveillance in Over 3 Decades

This method involves the utilization of Unmanned Surveillance, a non-intrusive, non-invasive, stationary surveillance that is legally placed in the vicinity of a subject’s residence or selected area. A unique high-definition (HD) video camera which is remotely operated by an investigator will help videotape claimant patterns and hard to get yard activities. This method of surveillance can record for 24 hours a day for up to 7 days. This provides our clients with 168 hours of continuous surveillance. This allows us to efficiently pattern a subject, and create the best plan of action, providing the best possible video and mitigating information.

USV Video Statistics

2015 Average Minutes of Video (3 Day Case) 56 Minutes
2015 Average Minutes of Video (5 Day Case) 70 Minutes
2016 Average Minutes of Video (3 Day Case) 49 Minutes
2016 Average Minutes of Video (5 Day Case) 78 Minutes

“I was just looking over the multiple days and hours put into this claim and wanted to let you know that whoever the investigator is, he has done an awesome job. This is potentially damaging claim with exposure of over $500K in which we are able to settle for $100K and all of the video obtained of the claimant’s inconsistency with his disability was used in settlement negations.”